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Massage Therapy

Massage Before, During, and After Pregnancy for You and Your Baby 

As your body changes and adjusts to accommodate your baby’s needs during pregnancy, you may begin to experience aches, pains, and even fatigue. Massage therapy can help lessen the discomfort of those changes and is a way to help you relax and increase

your energy.

At Learn Nurturing Touch, you can take advantage of the following:

• Prenatal Massage

• Massage During Labor

• Postnatal Massage

• Massage Techniques (Classes for Birthing Partners)

• Infant Massage (Classes for Mother and Baby)

Massage During Labor

It’s all about the power of positive and productive touch! Classes are available for new parents and birthing partners to learn massage techniques that can be used during labor. Private lessons are

also available.

Massage during labor has many benefits, including:

          • Helps the Mom to Recover and Relax Between Contractions
          • Helps to Reduce Pain From Tight Muscles
      • Helps to Provide Emotional Support and Encouragement Through Positive Touch
      • Helps to Promote a Quicker Birth

Register for a Session Today

Prepare for the big day by getting in touch with me as early as today. Note that I service expecting mothers on Long Island, New York and in select areas in Florida.

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