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On this page, I will provide you with resources that would help you further understand nurturing touch massage and its benefits. Read the researches below.

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The National Institute of Mental Health stated from researchers found that infants of chronic low-grade depressed mothers that both infant and mother had similar brain patterns and they found that infants suffer from their mothers’ state and showed physical signs of depression.

Depressed moms touched their infants less frequently and were more likely to touch them in a negative way. However, depressed moms that provided Nurturing Touch had increased the positive affect and attention from their infant.

Study: The Journal of infant Behavior: Dr. Brenda Lundy

Studied infants born to depressed moms: they did the Brazelton test on 24-72 hour old infants and showed these infants had slower reactions to flashlight and light pinprick. Fewer facial expressions and disorganized sleep patterns. These newborns showed the same depressed symptoms of their moms.

These interactions between mother and baby can interfere with their bonding and create a negative dynamic. Mothers look to the infant for support and love; these babies are more lethargic and non-responsive.

Nurturing Touch fosters positive bonding and attachment for parents, adoptive, and foster parents

The importance of bonding and attachment: Bonding is crucial for a baby to develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. New studies show how it helps to prevent disease, boost immunity and enhance IQ. Insecurely attached infants cried more and demanded more attention. They also showed more sadness and anger than securely attached infants.

A statement From Attachment Parenting International: “Nurturing Touch helps a baby's need for physical contact, affection, security, and stimulation. Babies are born with the urgent intense need and depend on others. Parents who choose Nurturing Touch help to provide children with healthy development and attachments even as the child gets older.”

Securely attached babies: More competent and curious: Better social interactions: More independent: self-reliant; Higher self-esteem

Statement: Violence and the Lack of Touch from Pre and Perinatal Psychology and Health: "It has been long maintained that high levels of violence that is prevalent in our society today is Caused by the lack of Nurturing Touch in infancy"

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